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Zengcheng Square Zengcheng Square
  • Zengcheng Square

    Zengcheng district Zengcheng square is located in the center of Licheng street new town, covers an area of 600 acres, has a permanent stage square, art gallery, lake, sculpture square and large area of ecological square garden and fitness area, the green rate of the whole square reached 55 %, green coverage rate of 68 %, is the best place for citizens to cultural entertainment, morning exercise, leisure after dinner.
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Zengcheng Wanda plaza Zengcheng Wanda plaza
  • Zengcheng Wanda plaza

    Zengcheng Wanda plaza covers large commercial center, shopping center, pedestrian street area, soho, five-star hotel, Wanda IMAX film city and other multi-functional city formats.
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He Xiangu scenic spot He Xiangu scenic spot
  • He Xiangu scenic spot

    He Xiangu also called scenic Xiaolou Xian yuan, it is one of the eight scenic in zengcheng. Located in the Xiaolou in Zengcheng district. The scenic area belongs to the religious and cultural scenic spot with unique cultural resources and long cultural history. It is the hometown of the only fairy goddess of the "Eight Immortals" in Chinese Taoism.
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Baishui Village Baishui Village
  • Baishui Village

    The biggest waterfall gap in China can be found in Bai Shui located in PaitanTown of Zengcheng , also known as "the magnificent on the Tropic of Emerald“.Whitewater Village is a natural oxygen bar, mountain waterfall region of negative air ion content of up to 112 thousand and 500 / cubic centimeters, ranked first in the Guangdong scenic area.
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greenway cycling greenway cycling
  • Greenway Cycling

    The Zengcheng District of Guangzhou has the most beautiful, longest, safest and most scenic green road in China, which belongs to the Pearl River Delta green road network. The Zengcheng changing green road is the first one in China, which is the road of leisure and fitness for the citizens, the road of tourist consumption and the way to increase the income of the farmers.
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Zengcheng Gualv Zengcheng Gualv
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Gaotan Spa Gaotan Spa
  • Gaotan Spa

    Located in Zengcheng paitan Town, towering shiziling, surrounded by hills. A total of five hot springs, all the year out of the hot springs, a line of teams. The water inflow of a single well in hot spring is over 1000 tons, and the temperature is up to more than 80 degrees.
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